Accomodating special need students

15-Jun-2016 22:29

Following is a list of some of the common indicators of learning disabled students.These traits are usually not isolated ones; rather, they appear in varying degrees and amounts in most learning disabled students. Teaching learning disabled youngsters will present you with some unique and distinctive challenges.Many of you have heard the terms “modifications” and “accommodations.” These are two big buzz words used in special education and are often used interchangeably.However, these two terms do NOT mean the same thing and have very important implications for your child’s learning. Before I begin explaining, I would like to stress the fact that accommodations and modifications are fluid with each other.

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Always remember, that no 2 students learn the same, be patient and continue to differentiate both instruction and assessment as much as possible.Just because a student requires modifications in reading, they may receive accommodations rather than modifications in science.