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26-Apr-2016 06:00

Most people can tell if they're attracted to someone in the first 90 seconds after they meet.

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What causes us to be attracted to one person more than another?

If you're blessed with a large bust, it can be hard to know what to wear to dress those curves without being too sexy.

While they're at the top of many perrfect body wish lists, big breasts can sometimes be a fashion foe as many styles are more flattering for less OMG curves, but if you're the proud owner of a cracking cleavage there's no reason why you can't be fashion forward too.

Should we be walking around wearing diapers instead of Levi's? Well, maybe not the diapers, but a lot of men have breast envy, so they certainly would love to be soothed by the boob.

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Let's talk about 5 lessons women can learn about men through the way they raise toddlers. When we get frustrated, whether it's while driving, trying to fix the Internet connection, not having our turn with the remote control, at some point we'll want to use brute force to try to get things our way.

Romantic attraction certainly isn't an exact science, but experts do have some ideas about what qualities attract more than others.