Origin of life from apatite dating

20-Apr-2016 12:33

LA–ICPMS dating of these U-bearing accessory phases typically requires a matrix-matched standard, and data reduction is often complicated by incorporation of common Pb not only into the unknowns but also particularly into the reference material.We present here a general approach to common Pb correction in U–Pb LA–ICP–MS dating using a modified version of the Vizual Age U–Pb data reduction package for Iolite (Vizual Age_Ucom Pbine).This question of how life began — of , or how lifeless matter gave rise to the complex ecosystems now stretching from mountain peaks to ocean trenches — is a mystery still unsolved.

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It must be noted that although the evidence for 3.4 billion-year-old fossils is compelling, even Wacey noted in his 2011 paper detailing the find that the biological origins of the specimens are “putative.” Using transmission electron microscopy, Wacey and a team of paleontologists examined samples from the East Strelley Greenstone Belt and discovered solitary and (apparent) communal cellular microstructures.

The key feature of the method is that it can correct for methods, and the approach can be applied to raw data files from all widely used modern multi-collector and single-collector ICPMS instruments.

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